Thematic areas

The 3

480 m2 dedicated to robotised packaging!

Europack Euromanut CFIA, 2Win’Markets, and their partners present an operational robotic packaging line spanning 480 m².

How does industrial robotics contribute to the performance of packaging operations? All solutions apply to different packaging functions, from bin picking to distribution, multi-product picking, in-line weighing / control / labelling, stamping, boxing, palletisation, transfer by AGV and mobile robots ... This space uses reliable and precise robots and cobots to demonstrate the advantages of a packaging line that improves its performance by integrating digital control devices that make production more flexible, intelligent and adaptable.

Some of the participants: AMC2 Industrie, Bizerba, Erric Solutions Robotiques, Eti Concept, Guelt, Jyga Process, Massilly, Promalyon, Roborative, Sew Usocom, Transvis, and Visio Nerf…

Intralogistics 4.0, the warehouse of the future

Whether you want to enhance storage space, optimise inventory management, or improve security to reduce logistics costs,

The question is how to adapt your warehouse to current market constraints? The answer is found at a 570 m² space at the heart of the exhibition, where more than thirty solutions are demonstrated across four major themes:  

  • Productivity

Optimising inventory management, human operations, and storage space is essential to achieve optimal productivity.


  • Health

Collaborative mobile robots, exoskeletons, AIVs, ergonomic workstations ... Automation and efficient ergonomic solutions improve production rates, while reducing risks – in particular, MSDs – for operators.


  • Reliability

Order preparation, stock and flow control, process and organisation adaptation ... digital tools and specific equipment guarantee reliability at all levels!


  • Security 

Safety standards for an existing building and risk prevention (for work at a height, intersections, foot operators working alongside motorised vehicles, etc.)

Start-ups working to promote the Green Factory

Designing factories to be sustainable

More than 20 start-ups tackle this issue via innovative solutions on 4 levels:

  • Optimising the consumption of resources
  • Improving the life cycle via a scalable factory and predictive maintenance
  • Reducing waste for a clean factory that meets environmental standards
  • Focusing on workers (MSDs, well-being, health and safety at work, ...)