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Startup Factory

Find the highlights of the Startup Factory animation organized by the ecosystem French Tech in the Alps, allowing companies that innovate with digital to present their projects and startups, through demonstrations and cross-visions.

Watch the video Startup Factory

FOR 2019 :

 EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA’s role supporting companies in the manufacturing sector makes it the best place to discover the best and most innovative start-ups. Almost 400m2 dedicated to new concepts, advanced technologies, and an overview of emerging trends. This space also features highlights and practical demonstrations that enable companies to benefit from diverse, visionary, and rewarding expertise.

Robot Pack Line

On 150 m², the recreated "the full production" Robot Pack Line jointly organized with 2Win'Markets, implemented several cells in action equipped with industrial robotics, collaborative or mobile.

Watch the video Robot Pack Line

FOR 2019 :

What is the main thing businesses are looking for? Innovation! That is exactly what EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA’s Robot Pack Line offers, with 450 m² of demonstration space in Hall 6. An operational production line jointly organised with 2Win’Markets demonstrates industrial, collaborative, and mobile robotics featuring packaging, boxing, palletising ...

The handling demonstration area

On EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA, the Material Handling Zone presented a 570 m² full-scale warehouse where demonstrations of equipment and trolleys were presented. In parallel with the animation, the Young Career Competition helped to measure the talents of the students in logistics/handling!

Watch the video of the handling demonstration area

FOR 2019 :

EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA’ Handling Area is a 570 m2 space where professionals can demonstrate the use of major equipment and forklift trucks. Exhibitors highlight the latest concepts and innovative models. The world of logistics is changing ... welcome to the digital age of Warehouse 4.0!